Waiting for Savasana

Lots To Do

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I’ve been a busy bee.  I met with my “Nurse Navigator” yesterday for 3 hours.  Got the lowdown on what they know from my pathology report and what to expect.  It scares the heck out of me.

One ray of light is that the tumor is “normal differentiated” which means it is slow growing.  Fingers crossed… and toes.  I don’t know much else about the tumor itself.  Not all of the pathology has come in yet.  Ugh.

Tomorrow I get an MRI then meet with the plastic surgeon and then we are meeting with the oncologist.

Yes. I am scared.  During the day I can handle it.  Night time is tough.  I wake up and I am sad and terrified.  There’s nothing like being faced with one’s own mortality to really freak you out.

But life goes on.  And I still need to make dinners and take kids to appointments and get things done.

Telling people is also exhausting.

This is really, really hard.


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