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More Confusion

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First, I have to say I had a really good experience at my surgical biopsy.  Every single person at Fairview Southdale was super nice, super friendly and very reassuring.  I met with all of the nurses and doctors who would be working with me.  They walked me to the or, helped me onto the table, hooked me up to an iv and the next thing I knew, it was over.  The nurse in the recovery room was great.  It was easy and I was very comfortable throughout.  This is my 7th surgery since 2013 and it was almost an enjoyable experience.  Thanks Minnesota.

Second, the recovery has not been bad at all.  I mean, it’s painful.  I have stitches in a somewhat delicate area but it’s not terrible. And my pets and husband are keeping me company.  So that’s cool.

Third, I got a call this evening from my oncologist and she doesn’t know what the darn heck is going on.  The cells are reactive and have weirdness but it is not testing genetically for cancer.  What the what?! I guess it’s a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that it doesn’t look like cancer, the bad news is that it looks like something.  Just nobody knows what.

So she is sending it to the Mayo Clinic for another opinion.  She told me that six different pathologists looked at my node and signed off on the report but nobody knows what is going on so now we have to wait some more.  Sounds like my life. Blergh.



One thought on “More Confusion

  1. Sounds like another plus about being in MN is being close to the Mayo Clinic for that second opinion – will continue to send good vibes your way and a big shot of patience. Hoping that the recovery continues to go well – hugs from PA!

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