Waiting for Savasana

I couldn’t help myself!


I signed up to do a 15k in January.


That’s me!  This is what I used to do.  And I loved it.

My husband and son are scolding me.  They say January is too soon.

But there is hot chocolate involved and Run Girls!

I love my Run Girls.

And I can’t be still.

I can’t let this get me.  Studies show that women who have breast cancer and walk for just 30 minutes a day, six days a week, reduce their chance of recurrence by something like 50%.  I read that in “Anticancer” by David Servan-Schreiber.  I am still reading it actually and I highly recommend it for anyone.  Lots of advice for preventing recurrence and preventing GETTING cancer in the first place.

I mean, you can say I had the genetics for this because my biomom had breast cancer last year but I got it 18 YEARS before she did!  It isn’t just heredity people, it is a combination of many things.

This does not contradict my Angelina Jolie rant, however if there are people out there who have done actual research to help me keep this cancer away, I’m going to do my best to follow their advice.

Have you heard of Jane Tomlinson?

She was given six months to live after being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  So you know what she decided to do?  Run marathons.  She lived seven more years and started a charity and raised a whole bunch of money to help people.

image from dailymail.co.uk

Wasn’t she beautiful?  Now that is living life.  That is doing it.  Someone should make a Nike commercial about her if they haven’t already.

Right now, I can barely get off my couch.  Yesterday, I actually rolled off the couch onto my hands and knees on the floor and then pushed myself up to stand because I am just that sick and out of shape.

But I refuse to stay this way.  I refuse.

I think I will actually start with a 5k Turkey Trot and move onto that 15k in January.  I may walk the whole thing.  I don’t care.  My friend said the cut off is a 15 minute mile and I think I can do that.

And if they pull me off the course, so what?!  At least I’m out there trying.  Not giving up.  I’m ok as long as I get my hot cocoa at the end.

I won’t give up on life, on love, on friendship and family.  I won’t give up on hope.

I won’t.

I refuse.

And anyway, I am getting pretty bored lying on my couch drinking apple juice.


6 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself!

  1. You’re my hero.

  2. I’d be willing to walk with you….

  3. Do you want company? Because I would love to join you.

  4. You rock…. You will do it, i have no doubts…. I’m attempting the rock n roll 5 mile, with Alondra, and will be channeling your spirit ….. Though according to Alondra I’m embarrassingly slow 🙂

    Stay strong my friend

  5. Hooray for you. Having a goal is a great way to be strong. Living to the fullest is the best treatment of all. Have fun.

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