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My Team

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My hypnotherapist told me that I have assembled quite a team for myself.  And she’s right.  I only use the best.

My breast surgeon was excellent.  I am confident in her abilities.  I know in my heart she cleaned out every bit of cancer that was there.

My plastic surgeon has done a wonderful job and has worked hard to keep me smiling.  I saw him right after I found out I was stage 3C and I was a mess.  He showed compassion and caring that went above and beyond what one would expect.

My oncologist just knows her stuff.  She has patience when I ask all my questions and she is very protective of me.

My acupuncturist is a dream come true.  She is a caregiver who has many answers to my questions and always has an article or book recommendation for me.  I don’t know what I would do without her.

My hypnotherapist is just the best.  On our first visit, I was a wreck.  First the AC chemo made me just feel awful but I had also been through so much emotionally and physically.  And I was so scared of my prognosis.  But she is teaching me to trust myself and trust my body.

My Reiki Master/Practitioner I met at Breast Cancer Connections on their free Reiki day.  He worked on me for 30 minutes and I was hooked.  What is Reiki?  Well it is also called Healing Touch.  A Reiki Practitioner puts their hands on you in specific (appropriate) places and channels energy into you.  I had my first Reiki session 13 years ago on my honeymoon and I have been hooked ever since.  I, myself am a practitioner but I usually only work on my family.  Why go to someone else for Reiki?  Because for some reason, I seem to be blocked at the moment when I work on myself.  I try to see my Reiki guy before each treatment.  I saw him last Thursday and I was not feeling well at all.  I practically jumped off the table and the next day I felt so much better.  It works for me.

My physical therapist is a powerhouse and she knows all about lymphatic massage.  Her mom is a breast cancer survivor.  She has really helped me a lot despite the fact that she won’t let me do my beloved Bikram Yoga.  Sudden heat changes can contribute to Lymphedema which i am at risk for due to having 42 lymph nodes removed from my breast and armpit.  No hot tubs or saunas either.  Not ever again.  Bummer.

I think I made the right choice with my Radiation Oncologist.  He seems like a kind and knowledgeable person who will get me through this next phase.  I went with the person my oncologist recommended and I will be going to a new facility that is beautiful.  I was worried about  being with newly hired technicians but my doctor assured me that he brought his “A-team” with him when he moved over.  I feel as good as I can about radiation.  My kids keep asking me if I’m going to turn green like the Hulk. But I feel good about this next phase.

I am adding a new person to the team. My Oncology Social Worker.  She called me yesterday after I talked and cried to my oncology nurse (who is also wonderful).  I am hoping she can also help me sort out all my feelings.  None of this is easy.

And last but not least, my amazing husband who has stood by me throughout this entire ordeal.  He protects me and takes care of me and goes to every one of my chemo treatments and sits with me.  He holds my hand when I get scared and listens to me patiently when I am chatty from drugs. He takes care of our children when i am in bed sleeping off the chemo.  He goes on walks with me when on the rare days when I am feeling good. He is my rock and my strength.  I picked a good one ladies and gents and it wasn’t by mistake.  seriously, all you single s out there looking for a partner, ask yourself this, will this person be with me truly in sickness and in health?  Because it is important.  We never thought this would happen to me at age 40 but it did and we are facing it together. That’s marriage. I would be lost without him.

I feel very lucky to have the team I have and to have good insurance to cover a lot of what I am going through.  Believe me, I take nothing for granted.  These people have saved my life and I am so grateful.



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  1. You deserve the best and obviously you have chosen the best. I like hearing that you are taking advantage of the holistic approach. Hugs.

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