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I Forgot The Most Important Part of My Team

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My friends and my family of course!

I have the most amazing team of friends.  You know you don’t realize how difficult and complicated it can be the job of being a mom, until you can’t do it anymore.  I’m not talking about the hugs and love and whatnot.  I’m talking about the day to day.

And let’s face it, mothering school-aged children is all about the driving.  Being on the drugs I am, driving is something I can not often do.  My girlfriends stepped up (husband too).

These people watch my kids when I have a treatment or an appointment.  We cancer patients have lots of appointments.  More importantly, they LOVE my children.  And I so appreciate that.

Cooking is another thing I can only do sporadically.  I am so weak and those first few weeks on chemo, so nauseated.  My friends stepped up.  Old friends, new friends, people I hadn’t seen in years came out and brought us meals.

One friend arranged for cleaners to come every other week.  I am, oh my gosh, so grateful.  i don’t like to clean in the first place!  This is awesome.

People bring gifts and popsicles and cookies, and boxes of candy.  People send cards full of love.  People send pajamas and socks and shawls and quilts and stuffed animals and flowers and plants that I often kill.  I’ve bot the world’s blackest thumb.

People pray for us and ask their friends to pray for us.

They come and visit me and go for walks with me.  They love me.  I never expected that.

And the texts and the Facebook messages and the phone calls.  Cancer can be a lonely disease but I don’t feel it.  It’s amazing.

Friends and family take care of us and I am so grateful and humbled and awe- inspired.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so blessed and lucky to have these people in my life.  They are the foundation of my team and I love them all.


One thought on “I Forgot The Most Important Part of My Team

  1. “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends.” Ralph Waldo Emerson I’m so glad you have a super support team. I know how much it means when illness strikes. Hugs.

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