Waiting for Savasana




Can’t you tell?  I did not want to go get more chemo today.  It sucks.  I hate it.

This morning when I woke up is the best I’ve felt in two weeks and now I am filled with this chemo crud all over again.

It makes me crabby.

The wig.  Isn’t it awesome.  My son and his friends bought it for me with one of my dear, dear friends who I am so honored to know.  I love my friends.

My son was so excited to give this to me and today is the first day I have worn it.  He was so happy and proud, he made me walk him in to his camp to show me off.

Here is what I have learned about wigs: they itch, they make you sweat but you just need to ignore it because as I (and Fernando) have said many times, It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous.

So I ignore the itch.

I got many complements in the infusion room.

And I do look marvelous even though my double chin is showing.

Stupid steroids.

Nom nom nom.  I get hungry on steroids.  HULK SMASH!!!  And eat.

A great deal of the weight seems to be water retention because I can’t taste anything, I have been salting everything.  Not the best move.  I am stopping today.  I am already less puffy than I was before.

We like to say that I look like a big Jigglypuff:

Do you know what Jigglypuffs do?  They sing and it makes people fall asleep and then they write on their victims’ faces with Magic Marker.  You know I would totally do that!

I am trying to think of myself as a Jigglypuff and not this guy:

I know, right?!
And with that, I am off to bed.

5 thoughts on “Crabby

  1. You have an amazing capability to share how shitty you feel while making me smile. I personally identify with Jaba. I have no excuses…. Just love food. Are we good for next Tuesday?

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  2. I’m game if you are. 🙂

  3. You make me laugh Beth! I so admire your strength and humor through all of this. Bravo!

  4. You make me LOL! 🙂 I love you with blue hair! I hope the chemo starts getting easier for you.

  5. Your friends love you, too. If you have one of those nights when you can’t sleep, call me and I will sing you the Jigglypuff song. You may not fall asleep, but you will at least get a laugh out of it. You are now officially in my “no really, it’s ok to ring this number through after 10 p.m.” short list. And if you do fall asleep, I promise not to deface your face!

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