Waiting for Savasana

Good Day


More good news!  I had a clear CT scan. No cancer is currently residing in my body.  Hurray!

I also got the last tubes and drains out today.

I am exhausted and am going to go lie down and wait for my friend J9 to bring us a lovely French Toast Dinner.

Much love to you all.  Love is what it really is all about.


5 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Wahoo! We were so happy to hear the news this afternoon. Sending lots of love and prayers every day. Celebrate each victory and Keep The Faith! (insert rocking out to Bon Jovi tune here)
    We love you!
    K, B & A

  2. Doing the happy dance for you today. Big hugs to you! Hope you continue to receive good news only!

  3. So happy to hear this news, Beth…

  4. Fabulous news. Hope you can get some real rest now. Hugs. Hugs.

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