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Cancer makes me cry


The surgery went well but the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. They found cancer in her nodes and now it looks like she’ll need radiation too. So we are angry and sad and worried. But like Beth said after processing all of it for a few hours –she’s to cute to die.

If anger could cure it the cancer would have spontaneously combusted last night. But now we are being positive and we are rallying for the long haul and all of your love and support means so much.


15 thoughts on “Cancer makes me cry

  1. Feeling so sad with you and remembering that anger. Hugs to all of you.

  2. Lifting you up to the God of Heaven who can heal all things, the Creator who formed you & loves you dearly!! Praying for peace for your family too. We all love you so much, Beth!

  3. I’m so sorry. I completely understand the anger and disbelief. Know you are surrounded by people who care and are here for all of you. Give Beth my love.

  4. Sorry to hear the news. You are a young, beautiful mommy, wife, daughter that has lots left to do here. Positive thoughts, along with lots of wonderfully loving people in your circle will make this just a story to share with other survivors some day. Hold your head high, prepare to give your best fight of your life and we will all see you prevail. May love surround and keep you!!!! πŸ’ž Cheryl

  5. We remain hopeful and with you in thought, word and deed. Let us know if you need anything- or nothing at all.

  6. Hi Beth
    Just to let u & ur cancer know that We r with u and praying for you. Oshmi told that she is going to draw a picture ” i am swimming alone in the very deep-end of a pool and after seeing that pic teacher Beth will feel good”. Hope to see y soon . And yes you r right too cute to d.
    All the best, please let us know anything u need.

  7. Hugs to the whole family! Beth, your wonderful sense of humor and attitude towards this whole ordeal is so inspiring. I know you’ll find your way out of this….just put your head down and fight! πŸ™‚

  8. Hang in there guys… Anger is good, now translate it into determination. A close friend was diagnosed with stage IIIc melanoma (including spots on her lungs indicating she had a <40% chance of survival). She and her husband were in deep shock, but they got pissed, then dug in, and they managed to educate themselves and kick its a**! She's now a woman who was supposed to last no more than a few years, and she's on YEAR SEVEN with completely clear scans.

    You guys can do this.

  9. You can fight this too! The fight will just be more intense now. I will keep praying for you, and you family to have strength, hope, and peace. Love you.

  10. That sucks!! I’m sorry to hear the outcome. I don’t know if this helps, but you are a fighter and I know that you can fight this. It might not be easy but you are strong and you have a great circle around you. Fight on Beth. Soak up the love, rest and fight some more.

  11. I am sending prayers and good thoughts for the entire family! Beth, my mom had breast cancer surgery in 2004 and she is a survivor! I believe she’s proof that positive thinking along with good medicine will win out…it will for you too! So keep fighting and stay as positive as you possibly can!

  12. Thinking of you. Reading and re-reading your posts and sending you tons of positive thoughts and prayers. Great article as well. Can I bring you a pot roast?

  13. Not sure if you saw my earlier comment (I can’t seem to find it). But I did want to make sure you knew I have been thinking about you, sending you lots of positive, happy thoughts and prayers. I also loved the link to the article post. Can I bring you a pot roast?

    • Thanks Melissa. I need all the positive thoughts I can get.

      As far as a pot roast, Yes Please. My friend set up a Meal Train online right now it is full but she is planning to open more sports as needed. I will email.you the link. Thanks.

  14. As I said in my email to you before the surgery… you ARE a fighter and you CAN get through this!! You are strong and powerful and loved. Remember that!

    We are praying for you at St. Martins, in Portland and all over the Bay area-

    God Bless,
    Christine and the boys

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