Waiting for Savasana

Ready to Go

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Ok. I’m up.  I’m dressed. I’m ready to go and already that little voice is saying to me, “You don’t need to actually RUN.  Just do a nice brisk walk and you’ll be ok.”

I hate that little voice.

I find most days that a part of me is constantly trying to talk the other part of me into exercising.  I wish my brain could just cooperate.

I don’t get why there’s a part of me that does not want to get going.  What is that?

It’s inertia, that’s what it is.  Plain and simple.

I need lots of motivation to do anything.  Yesterday, I found a really nice long sleeved technical shirt on sale for 40% off.  Hello incentive!  I’m wearing it right now and my brain is still saying, “Really?  You’re going to sweat in that shirt and you’ll only get to wear it for an hour or so.  And its so cozy…and flattering!  You don’t find shirts like that every day.  And you’re just going to go sweat in it?  Stink it up?!! What are you thinking?  Just be lazy and comfy in your new shirt.”

This stuff is hard.

And the shirt is very cozy.

Maybe I need a new incentive.



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