Waiting for Savasana

Ran Three Miles Today

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It took forever to get the boys out of the house.  I wasn’t going to bring the dog but she got really happy when she saw the boys bring out their scooters and helmets.  I couldn’t leave her at home.

Yes.  I exercise even when my boys are home for winter break.  Are you kidding?  They need the exercise just as much as I do!

Tomorrow is a house cleaning day and no, I don’t have help, it’s just me and the boys (this means it’s mostly going to be just me).  Still, I wonder if we can pull out the bikes and go for a ride tomorrow.

The weather is one of the things I adore about California.

My yoga studio does not have childcare.  It’s times like this, I wish they did.  But we will do our best to get our exercise in somehow.

Day 2 of Whole30 is going well.  I even ate fast food today and didn’t break any rules!  I got a burger wrapped in lettuce leaf with lots of veggies.  That’s another great thing about California, In and Out Burger.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

So far, doing Whole30 seems easier this time around because I already know what to expect and i didn’t really go that far off program in December so hopefully this will be a breeze.

My mom is coming this weekend for her birthday.  It’s a big one.  We need to make some plans.


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