Waiting for Savasana

Today Was Better!

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Woke up NOT feeling nauseated.  Hooray!

I saw the “Survivorship” case worker (it WAS the same person I saw last time!).  I went to the grocery store.  I picked up the boys from school.  I did laundry.  I made banana bread.  I made dinner.

Good for me!

I told Ms. Survivorship about my Oncologist issues and that I was not feeling heard.  And that I am certainly not going to just lay down and “be comfortable” if anything dire happens.

She was very empathetic and set me up with a second opinion from another oncologist.  She also gave me excellent tips on handling everything.  She was extremely supportive and I feel good about the visit.

I am kind of freaked out at the moment.  Being done with treatment is wonderful but also scary.  Very scary.  I over think a lot and I can freak myself out.  But really everything needs to be one day at a time.  And I have to work on keeping gloom and doom and worst case scenarios out of my busy monkey mind.


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