Waiting for Savasana

Here Comes The Sun


I’ve been feeling really good the past couple of days.  Still tired, but good.

And all I can think is that this is a gift that I need to savor.

The bad begins again on Tuesday but today I feel good and that is my focus.

Someone asked me how I am feeling and that is what I told them.  Today is a gift.

I cried a little when I said the words.

Today is a gift.

There is truly nothing like having the wind knocked out of you to make you appreciate the gift of being healthy.

And people, I am healthy and strong and cancer free.  All this I am doing is in order to give me the best chance of keeping me this way.

I am looking for the gifts in my life.  My little boys wanting to spend time with me.  My dear friend telling me she loved me today.  An old acquaintance sending me a card telling me that her family keeps me in their nightly prayers. My husband holding my hand and making me laugh out loud on the sidewalk. Gifts.

Today is a good day.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Hang in there, Beth. Glad to hear you have gotten some of your strength back. Being well enough to stay on schedule with the treatment plan is something to be thankful for, though what a “catch 22.” I’m at Paige’s enjoying precious Sawyer and Paisley. Paisley nickname for her uncle is “Quinney…so cute. Yes I’m enjoying Paige and Q too. Thinking healing thoughts for you and your family. Hope Donna is feeling better. Hugs to all.

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