Waiting for Savasana

So Far So Good


The day went allright.  I took an Ativan about 45 minutes before we left so I was pretty calm.

Oh Ativan, how I adore you.

It is truly a wonderdrug.  It can treat pain, nausea, anxiety and sleeplessness.

The only drawback is that it is addictive.  Bummer.

I took pictures,  they are on my phone.  I’m not sure how to get them onto this computer since it is my husband’s and my mom is staying in the room where I keep my computer and unfortunately, my mom is sick with the stomach bug the boys had.

I told her to wear a mask.  I’m just saying.

It probably also didn’t help that she was using the same bathroom as the boys.

I just brought her some tea and animal crackers and a big bottle of Pepto.  I hope she will soon be past the worst of it.

So back to my time in the infusion room: It went pretty well.  The nurse liked my port and said the surgeon did  good job with it.  It worked nicely.  I got a bunch of precare stuff in my IV including this anti nausea drug called Emend that is supposed to really help.

I was scared of the adriamycin but it wasn’t so bad.  I remember seeing the “Ann Jillian Story”* back in the eighties and Ann making all those faces because the medicine tasted bad going in.

* The Oncology nurse told us that she hated that movies because it made chemo look so awful…well it kind of was back then in the eighties, wasn’t it? It kind of is now.

I ate sour patch kids throughout the injection of two huge syringes full of red stuff.  I didn’t taste a thing.

The second medicine Cytoxin was given through IV.  It gave me a sinus headache that wasn’t great but liveable.

When we got up to leave, I was foggy.

We stopped at the wig store so I could get that wig halo I wanted and this cute sun hat.  By that time, my face was green.

I went home and slept.  I slept in my recliner and drooled on myself.  I slept in my bed the whole night through.

Now today after more anti nausea meds and a good old steroid, I am functioning.  Not fantastic by any means but functioning.

I am drinking some chicken broth, I made in advance.  Made it myself from a chicken  carcass!  In my crock pot. Aren’t I a clever girl?

And…we just got home to find a big box of pizza from my good friend Rachel and her husband and beautiful daughter.  Pizza from Chicago and an apple pie!

My brother sent me Chicago pizza last week too so this is just a bonus of love!

And now I am a little teary because I can’t believe how generous and kind my friends are towards me.

I love you all so much.

Please continue to send my your love and good thoughts and if you are so inclined, your prayers.

I think of each and every one of you every day.


2 thoughts on “So Far So Good

  1. Thank you so much for the update, Beth! We’re thinking of you always as well, sending as much positive energy as possible your way. Much love.

  2. Thanks for the update Beth – now your expectations are set. You are so strong. Give your mom a hug for me well maybe not right now as you need to stay away from sick people. Thinking so much of you and sending lots of love your way!!

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