Waiting for Savasana


Useful Hobbies

In January of 2012, I bought a sewing machine.  It was a viking Emerald 183.  It looked like this:

Courtesy of Husqvarna Viking

It was ok.  I learned a lot with it.  I made napkins and pillowcases and a cute skirt.  I made some pajamas for my son’s Build-a-Bear.  I made bags for my friends on their birthdays.  I made coffee cozies as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I had a lot of fun with that machine.  I didn’t love it though.  It skipped stitches and it got stuck hemming jeans and it squawked at me a lot.  It groaned through many of the tasks I gave it.  And it would not sew minkee fabric evenly no matter what I did. My dealer who is awesome, offered me one year to trade in the machine for it’s full value.  The Emerald was actually discontinued but Gordon at Viking Sewing Center honored our agreement and accepted my trade-in anyway.  Gordon rocks.  He’s been in business since 1965 and it shows.  This is not a commercial.  I just like doing business with good people.  Anyway, the minute January of this year rolled around I traded up to this:


It’s my lovely machine.  My Husqvarna Viking Opal 670.  It is everything my Emerald wasn’t and I love it.  Before I use it, sometimes I hug it.  I love it so, so very much.  It sews like a dream.  Like butter.  The stitches are beautiful.  It never squawks at me.  And it has so many features.

My favorite feature is the built in scissors.  I push a button and it cuts my threads and pulls them through to the back side of my project.  It’s not a do or die feature but I just think it’s cool.

It is the perfect machine for me and my skill level which is still very much novice.

I wear wigs and wiglets when I am out and about but at home, I wear soft cottony stretch knit hats.  My favorite is currently lost.  This makes me very sad especially since I spent $25 on it.  It’s made out of t-shirt fabric and has three seams.  $25?  I could do better for cheaper.

So I bought some knit fabric of my own and have been experimenting with sewing my own hats.  It keeps me busy.  And it’s fun.  My latest creation I modeled after a baby hat we purchased at The Gap for my son in 2001.  I am wearing it right now (my new creation, not the baby hat).  It cost me $2 total to make and I cut it out free hand.

I love my hobby.

But you know what else I love?  Sewing machines.  I love them.  They fascinate me.  They can do so much and they can be simple like the mechanical machine I bought my son for his birthday to extremely complex like a fancy pants (I could never afford) Bernina that costs $14K.


You know how people like power tools?  That’s how I feel about sewing machines.  Viking, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Janome, White, Singer, Babylock, Brother.  Vintage, modern.  I don’t care.  I love them.  Is that weird?

I guess it’s weird, but it’s my new obsession.  If you tell me you sew even a little, I’m going to ask you about your machine.  I’m going to look that machine up online.  I’m going to research it and read reviews about it.  And it makes me so happy.

That is weird, right.  It’s weird.  But I do not care.  I need happy in my life.  I need calm.  And sewing machines are my new thing.

You’ve got to find what makes you happy.  What makes you happy?  And furthermore, what kind of sewing machine lives at your house?