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I seem to have caught a little cold.  It’s the first one I’ve had since last winter.  It’s really been kind of nice.  There has been a great deal of illness from other members of the household but I have managed to escape it all for months until now.

It’s weird when you consider it.

Yes, treatment has brought a great deal of pain and drama but I have not been conventionally sick in almost a year.

“It’s about time.” said someone who shall remain nameless.


Anyway, I have a little cough and head ache.  It’s nothing hugely bad.  Just uncomfortable.

In other news, I met my new oncologist this week and the meeting went well.  A lot more listening, a lot less gruff than what I had been experiencing with my former oncologist.

I am not trying to disparage my former oncologist.  Like I said, she served me well during treatment and was very aggressive.  She was also attentive when trouble arose.  Like when I had mouth sores on my birthday.  She called in prescriptions at the speed of light.  I appreciated that care.

I explained to my new oncologist that while she and her colleagues have years of experience and schooling behind them in the field of fighting cancer, I only really have the past eight months and I need a sympathetic and patient ear when I have questions.  And some days, I have lots of questions.

I am also unwilling to be put out to pasture or dismissed.

Regardless, I have never been a “do what I tell you to do” kind of person.  I need someone who is willing to work with me.

These doctors hear these question hundreds, even thousands of times but for me, it’s the first time asking them.

Hopefully, this new oncologist will continue to collaborate with me.  This is my life we are talking about here.

Onward and upward.




One thought on “Blech

  1. Well, I guess complaining about a common cold is actually a positive thing at this rate. That said, I’m sorry you have it. With younger kids around it’s hard to get by for long without one. I’m glad you got a new oncologist. There’s no time for that other crap.

    Also, I need to address the Thanksgiving blog. It makes me want to cry anytime it comes into my head. I understand and hear the desperation involved and while it is absolutely true we all may not have another, it is an in your face thing when you are fighting cancer. I want more Thanksgivings for you. A lot more.

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