Waiting for Savasana

What to do?


There is a study that says drinking three cups of green tea a day can help prevent recurrence.

I thought that would be an easy little thing to do.

Green tea provides a great deal of antioxidants and it is different from traditional tea because it has not been fermented.

There is just one problem… I do not like green tea.  At all.

But I forced myself.  I added lemon.  I was drinking it and I discovered another problem.

My intestinal tract does not like green tea either.

My husband made me stop drinking it when I  was at my lowest.  I have not restarted.  And I feel kind of down about it.

I found an article that said this is a common problem.  There were some ideas for making green tea more palatable.  Like putting milk in it.  I hate milk.

I am going to try again with decaf green tea which seems a bit gentler and has a bit lesser of benefits.  Gotta start somewhere.

But it’s funny because you can read studies and try stuff but I believe a lot of it all has to do with your own body make up and metabolism.

And really, do I need to beat myself up because green tea makes me nauseated and after 6 months of perpetual nauseation, I would like a break?

No.  I think that is fair.

I am trying very hard to be good.  Make better food choices and exercise.  But mostly, I’m just trying to enjoy myself and be happy.  Green tea does not make me happy.  Coffee does.  And hey, i just read an article that says coffee can be beneficial too.  I’ll take it where I can get it.


2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. I agree that making yourself happy is most important at this time. Forget the tea and bring on the coffee! You deserve it! Xoxo

  2. I have noticed there is a green tea extract in our health food section of the grocery store. I don’t know anything about it, what it contains etc. It’s in pill form. I have used agave nectar in the green tea and like it better that way. So glad the treatments are over and am praying you are feeling 100% very soon.

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