Waiting for Savasana


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Well…I managed to escape most of radiation being pain free for four weeks.  But now.  Today. My entire chest is RED.  Like a bad sunburn.  Yikes!  I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror this morning.

I’ve been itchy.  I was told not to scratch but I caught myself sleep scratching.

I cut my nails extremely short and am trying to refrain from the urge even in my sleep.  I do not need an infection at the home stretch.

I have decided that after my last treatment on Wednesday, The Husband and I may indulge in some all you can eat sushi.  Sounds good, no?

We will see how I feel that day.

And yes, I am still nauseated on a regular basis.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to push past the nausea.  I get more sore in my body if I succumb to it and lay in bed all day.  Today we will find things to do.  It’s just better overall to keep busy.

I was really, really worried about what the radiation was going to do to my skin but it is still not too bad.  I use pure aloe vera mostly.

I also got Emu oil which is rendered fat of Emu birds which makes me feel TERRIBLE! But it is very soothing.  Last time I saw my Radiation Doc he gave me calendula cream to help with the itch…it doesn’t do anything for the itch but it is nice all the same.

Keep on keeping on.  Looking to Wednesday.


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