Waiting for Savasana

Port Woes


I have a port.  It is near my clavicle and sits on the right side.  It is under my skin.  It hurt a lot when it was first placed but I barely notice it now.  My understanding is that it is purple.

My port is great.  They use it to give me chemo.  They just pop the needle in and voila!  Instant access.  They also use it to take blood.  It is wonderful.

My veins have always been hiders.  Once, this nurse came to my house to take my blood for a life insurance policy.  She stuck me five times and never got a vein.  I kicked her out of my house.  I’m not kidding.  I can’t tell you how many times lab techs have beaten my arms trying to find a vein.This is why I requested a port.  And it has been lovely.

The one unfortunate thing about my port is that it was placed on my right side.  I am getting radiated soon on my right side and the port will have to go.

I am kind of bummed to get it out but there you go.

My last chemo is coming up and the port removal is scheduled for a week after.  When they put it in, it was done at the hospital in a surgical room but it seems the doctor will be taking it out in his office.  I am kind of freaked out about that.  In his office?  Really?  What is that going to be like?  It is under my skin!

After they put my port in, the hospital took me back to recovery and gave me a nice sandwich. I don’t think I will get a sandwich at the removal.

Today I had my blood drawn and for the first time, there was a problem.  She put the needle in my port and started to inject this fluid and it HURT.  A lot.

It turned out my port had moved sideways and she had kind of missed it?  I’m not sure what happened.  It was freaky though.  But this nurse came and helped find it and they got my blood and that was it.

Not the best story but we did go to a yummy bakery after and bought some monkey bread and quiche.

Still not that exciting but it was the highlight of my day.

The boys got Disney Infinity and it looks to me like the most boring time waster on earth.  I am not impressed.  I mean, the graphics look good but there doesn’t seem like much to do.  It’s no Harry Potter Lego, I’ll say that much.

My arms are hurting from typing so that is all I’ve got today.


3 thoughts on “Port Woes

  1. Let me know what kind of sandwich you want and when you want it delivered. 😀 I’m not kidding. You better respond.

  2. Ports are a blessing during chemo, but they can get infected and cause other problems. Kyle had to have the first one replaced. So it’s best to get it out, even though you have shy veins. Jamie does too. And you don’t want to hear her horror stories. Hang tough…the finish line of this leg of your triathlon is in sight and your going to cross with flying colors.

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