Waiting for Savasana

As Summer Fades Away


The summer is fading and normally, that is very sad for me.  I love everything about summer, even the heat.

Not this summer.

This has been a summer of endurance and change.  This has been a summer of solitude.

I have watched the world through my computer and I have been mostly content to recede into the dark.

No one wants to see this.  It’s too ugly for summer.

This summer of endurance has not been my friend but I know I will reap the rewards of what I have endured.

This summer was a surprise in many ways.  Illness.  Illness has a way of separating the men from the boys if you will.

There are some people who have wanted to face this with me and others who have cheered me on from afar.  That’s good.  I am grateful.

There were also let downs that I do not have the energy to deal with in this moment but have not forgotten and am not sure I can forgive…but that is for another day.  Not today.

And as fall approaches and a fuzz of white down graces my bare head, I know I can handle whatever is next.

I know I can not classify this as the worst summer of my life.  It has not been.  It has been painful and traumatic but it has also made me learn and grow.  And isn’t that what we are here for?  And while I will be glad to see this summer gone, I can still see the long road stretching out ahead, the road that leads to my recovery.

Good bye summer.




2 thoughts on “As Summer Fades Away

  1. Hello Recovery!!!

  2. Sounds like “Dog Days of Summer” has new meaning for you. Here August is reminding us that summer isn’t over, yet. There are signs of fall…children are back in school and the drought has some trees turning already. But it’s hot, hot and muggy, muggy. No one even wants to be out. When you get the green light from your doc’s that it’s safe to be out and about again, please enjoy without concern for what others may think of your drug-induced appearance. It’s not ugly…it’s survival which is truly beautiful. I love you just they way you are!

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