Waiting for Savasana


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I have been forcing myself to rest for the past two days.  Like stay in bed in my pajamas kind of rest.  I even turned visitors away which I feel sad about but seemed necessary.  I love visitors but it seems I was doing too much and I have been paying for it.  So I am resting and taking my pain meds and I feel pretty good.  I’ve noticed I feel worse in the evenings.

I am amazed by the outpouring of love from everyone.  I have received so many cards and gifts, it is unbelievable!  Today I received a shawl from one of my Mom’s friends and a quilt from another of my Mom’s friends.  I will take pictures and post them later because they are both beautiful.  As anyone knows from reading here,I like cozy things.  Another plus is that I have also gotten to know a cousin of mine who I always wanted to know.  It’s so nice feeling the love of everyone.

In other news, my dog is still sick!  I took her to the vet the day before my surgery and got her shots and she seems to have had a bad reaction.  This has been going on for a week or two now.  She was all swollen but now she is an itch monster.  We are giving her antihistamines which seems to help but makes her groggy.  She also has not been very friendly to me since my surgery.  She is mostly ignoring me which she has never done before.  It’s kind of hurting my feelings.  Just because I said I want to outlive her doesn’t mean I want anything to happen to her now. And how does she even know I wrote that.  She can’t read…can she?  Anyway, she is sticking to my husband like glue and is showing preference to him.  Is it because of my surgery?  I have heard that dogs can smell cancer.  But the cancer is now supposedly gone.  Maybe I smell different to her now.  Dogs are weird.

I need to go back to resting, which today means laying in my bed and watching shows on Netflix.  I feel like such a sloth.  Hopefully, resting now will heal me quicker so I have a couple of weeks of happy activity before the next phase begins.


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